How To Solve A Family Problem

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Even if you disagree, remain gracious, never forgetting to show love and respect to your mate.

(Colossians 4:6) Try to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and do not stop communicating.

(Proverbs 10:4) If you work together as a team, you will “have a good reward” for your hard work.

By working together, you can ensure that your marriage will be strong and happy rather than weak and miserable.

Anyone who’s lived as part of a family knows it’s normal to have rows and disagreements every now and then. Thankfully, most of the time family quarrels are resolved quickly.

But when conflict becomes an ongoing problem at home it can damage relationships, cause stress, depression, anxiety and resentment.It can be tempting to avoid reality, but we are advised in the Bible to face our problems. Honestly let your mate know how you feel and what you think on the subject. (Ephesians ) Even when strong emotions are involved, resist the urge to fight.(Matthew , 24) You will find the best solutions to your problems by applying Bible principles. A calm answer can keep what should be a simple discussion from escalating into a battle.—Proverbs 15:4; . Each family has their unique style of communication, bonding, and behavior towards its members.Conflict can happen when family members have different views or beliefs that clash.3- ↑ Hassan Mustafa Abdul Muti (1421 e), psychological disorders in childhood and adolescence , Cairo: Cairo House, page 13. Abdel Karim Bakkar (2001), Family Education Guide (First Edition), Jordan: Information House, page 157, 158. Amira Bahim, Family Problems Some Causes and Treatment , page 8-14. As you and your mate start your life together, various problems will arise.[1] Definition of family problems Family problems means a kind of troubled relationship between family members which in turn leads to tensions, whether these problems result from the misconduct of a family member or the two main parties, and the frequent quarrels and differences between parents, or between children or between children and parents Make the family in turmoil, and lose the children's prestige, respect and belonging to the family. [2] Family problems are defined by several definitions, including: (situations and critical and puzzling issues facing the individual require a solution, and reduce the vitality and effectiveness and production and the degree of adaptation to himself and with the community in which he lives). WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS: “Have tender affection for one another.In showing honor to one another, take the lead.” (Romans ) How you listen is very important. and humility.” (1 Peter 3:8; James ) Do not just pretend to listen.


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