Homework For Elementary Students

One possible explanation for the general lack of a boost from homework is that few teachers know about this research.And most have gotten little training in how and why to assign homework.Some schools are eliminating homework, citing research showing it doesn’t do much to boost achievement.

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If a child wants to learn to play the violin, it’s obvious she needs to practice at home between lessons (at least, it’s obvious to an adult).

And psychologists have identified a range of strategies that help students learn, many of which seem ideally suited for homework assignments.

Those arguments have merit, but why homework boost academic achievement?

The research cited by educators just doesn’t seem to make sense.

These are things that schools of education and teacher-prep programs typically don’t teach.

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So it’s quite possible that much of the homework teachers assign just isn’t particularly effective for many students.

For example, there’s something called “retrieval practice,” which means trying to recall information you’ve already learned.

The optimal time to engage in retrieval practice is not immediately after you’ve acquired information but after you’ve forgotten it a bit—like, perhaps, after school.

But if the reading passages on a test cover topics like life in the Arctic or the habits of the dormouse, that student’s test score may well not reflect what she’s learned.

Homework may be the greatest extinguisher of curiosity ever invented - Alfie Kohen, author of The Homework Myth Sweeping our country is a new trend, which I love: No homework!


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