Homeschool Homework

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Have your teens start the homeschool day with their toughest subjects under your supervision (or at least nearby ) before moving on independently with the easier subjects.

Getting the hard things out of the way usually will encourage teenagers to fly through the rest.

You finally start to see the fruit of years of parenting, catching a glimmer of the soon-to-be adults that they are transforming into.

That is not to say that homeschooling teens is without difficulty.

I've found it necessary with some of my children to monitor their behavior after certain foods because sensitivities do affect behavior and concentration.

Foods that affect my children include egg, soy, dairy, and food dyes.In these cases, they may benefit from sitting near me so I can see and redirect them when they are getting distracted.They might benefit from more direct supervision in their lessons or frequent check-ins.Anitra has been sharing useful ideas for moms at The Mama Zone since 2009.She’s a wife, mom of two and an elementary school teacher, turned homeschooling mom.She’s also an online influencer and ebook author who enjoys writing to help other moms and to build strong families. Ask most moms and they will let you in on a huge secret—raising and homeschooling teens is one of the most rewarding phases of parenting!Oftentimes I’ve found that when my children are less than fully compliant with their assignments, it’s a sign that I’ve given them too much to do on their own.They may not be ready to have quite so much to do on their own.reading under the covers or a child fighting their natural circadian rhythm by getting up at 7 a.m.when their natural wake up time is closer to 10 a.m.


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