High School Internship Application Essay

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Have a look around the website and see what strikes your fancy.

Have a look around the website and see what strikes your fancy.

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She tells student to think about: "What have I done as a result of the experience?

" The essay is a chance for students to tell their individual stories and try to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If high school seniors haven't started thinking about their college essays, it's time. So much of it is about reflecting and experimenting," says Joie Jager-Hyman, founder of College Prep 360 and author of the new book B Grades, A College Application. But if that's what they choose, experts encourage students not to make it too generic.

Write down a couple of things before school starts and be willing to talk with a counselor or friend." One of those ideas might be to write about a summer internship or job.

Many high schoolers wonder, though, how they can go about finding an internship, never mind applying for the internship of their dreams. In reality, though, you need to start from scratch, thinking about what you’re interested in doing and what careers you may consider.

Many students can start to think about this simply by looking at academic and extracurricular interests, and thinking about how they may fit together into a career.Try to get creative and match your soft skills with concrete, desirable workplace skills.For example, if you enjoy the arts and math, and also like to work with people, you might find a good niche for yourself in marketing.It's good for students to think about a turning point or specific nugget from the internship experience, says Jager-Hyman.For instance, if a student wants to highlight his or her problem-solving skills, describe a problem encountered on the internship.Then, connect the solution to what's learned in school and explain a goal realized as a result. Few take that approach," says Jager-Hyman, who has worked as a college-admissions officer."You want to present yourself in a positive light, but it makes you human and shows you being self aware." Since the internship will be listed elsewhere on the application, only include it in an essay if you will be adding new information that tells the college something more about you, says Jager-Hyman."An essay gives the student an opportunity to explain something that may not come across in the paperwork the college already has," says Dorsey.So, if the internship provides a window into something unique, using it as a topic can work.She says not to emphasize the name of the firm, but rather the experience and the hands-on work. Increasingly, high school students are finding that real-world job experiences provide an edge when it comes to college and career readiness.


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