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Some people with speech disorders experience nervousness, embarrassment, or depression. A therapist will discuss ways to cope with the condition and ways to improve the outlook of your condition.

If your depression is severe, antidepressant medications can help.

Identifying these types of speech and voice problems mentioned above and seeking medical attention can reveal diseases and disorders that have not as yet been diagnosed.

Despite the host of changes in the body with advancing age, the speech and voice problems mentioned above are not present unless there is an underlying medical condition.

Phonation and articulation, jointly known as vocalization, is the last process after the brain decides which words will be spoken (conceptualization) and then recalls the movements to form these words (formulation).

There are various different medical terms to describe a host of disorders that may affect the voice and speech.

This test, created by neurodevelopmental pediatrician James Coplan, determines a child’s language development.

This test can quickly identify delayed speech or language disorders.

This test measures a person’s vocabulary and ability to speak.

The person will listen to various words and choose pictures that describe the words.


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    Types of Speech Problems. The voice may be hoarses or very soft like a whisper. Sometimes there is a total loss of the voice muteness. Dysarthria is the difficulty with forming the words due to a problem with the muscles of the mouth and tongue or the nerves that control it. The speech is typically slurred and may still be decipharable in less severe cases.…

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    However, change is not impossible, and if you and your speech therapist / pathologist cannot “fix” the speech problem, there may be alternative strategies to help. Dysarthria This is a motor speech disorder caused by a neurological injury or disease and it can affect one or more of the speech subsystems – respiration, phonation, resonance, prosody, articulation.…

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    Help for speech disorders is available locally At Raleigh Capitol ENT, we adopt a team approach to treating speech disorders. Whether it involves intensive therapy with one of our speech pathologists or surgical intervention by our board-certified ear, nose and throat doctors, we’ll create a customized treatment plan for you.…

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