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What are the next couple of roles you want to do over the next three to five years? ’” So, what does the future look like for Greene King, and are there future acquisitions on the horizon? “But for now we are firmly focused on maximising the benefits and full potential of the Spirit deal and making it a success.

“What we’ve clearly articulated to the team and the market now is that our strategy is to be the best pub company in the UK, and when we say that we mean that it’s the best for our customers, the best for our team, the best for our communities and also best for our shareholders.

Career succession planning is “not just something you do once a year when you have a conversation over a coffee of ‘how was your year?

’ You live and breathe – ‘what’s your development plan, what are you looking to develop? And then in terms of career – ‘where are you today?

Yet, over the past 20 years, Greene King has been an acquisitive company, and has experienced rapid growth during that time.

A total of 20 deals have been made since 1999, with the largest of all coming at the end of 2015.

“There are two key priorities for us as a team at the moment – one is to ensure that we continue to strengthen the core business and make sure that we deal with the challenges that we face today, while secondly, ensure that we fully harvest the benefits of the acquisition.

“So, we’ve said to the market that we’ll deliver £35 million synergies, and I’m confident that we’ll deliver that ahead of plan.

The acquisition has generated challenges, the most difficult being combining the two companies and creating one set of values and one vision.

A key strategic decision taken by Greene King has been to keep the former Spirit office open in Burton, near Birmingham, rather than relocate the 300 roles and processes to Greene King’s headquarters in Bury St Edmunds.


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