Georgetown College Admissions Essay

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In forty years, I suppose that my laundry list of credentials will have been many times amended and my collection of stories to tell, tragedies and comedies, will be gorged.

But I hope, given the opportunity, I will always choose to write the poem.

It is I, the last girl to leave the locker room after every basketball game, intentionally taking a little extra time so that she can walk through the now dimly lit, empty gym, which always seems sacred.

And the topic that sprung from the most basic instinct of this girl was a very simple story, one that seems to evoke suppressed chuckles when told.

She says that her personality includes "an accumulation of quirks and nuances," and the same can be said for her essay.

Georgetown College Admissions Essay

As is so often the case, the proof is in the details, which reveal her wide-ranging knowledge.Multifaceted people sometimes write multifaceted essays. Though there is always danger in having a blurry focus, an essay that encompasses a number of topics can work if the purpose is to show the various sides of an author's personality.Alysa Hannon's essay, below, is packed with details.At the very end of the list remained an optional assignment for my AP Art History class, which entailed writing a poem after visiting the Egyptian temple of Dendur earlier that day.Despite the tests I would inevitably take the next morning or the applications due the next afternoon, I sat for thirty minutes and let my hand poetically glide across the blank sheet of paper before me, completely aware of my inefficient use of time, but unable to feign concern.I've described this process so that, to some small degree, you may understand how difficult it is for such an indecisive, meticulous person like me to choose a topic for what has been unconsciously labeled by my teachers, advisors, parents, and friends as the most important essay I will ever write.In my quest for the perfect subject, I have realized that my three-faced personality does not ameliorate the situation.More than a year before the college admissions scandal investigation began, Georgetown University “discovered irregularities” in the athletic credentials of two tennis recruits, initiated a secret investigation and eventually forced coach Gordon Ernst to resign, court records show.University officials say those two athletic recruits were denied admission.Georgetown University Application Essay on Humor Essay by Alysa Hannon Contrary to what you may think, buying a bottle of shampoo is a complex and tedious process.First, I chose the five most outwardly appealing bottles, conscious that my seventeen-year-old female mind is being manipulated by blatantly false phrases like "made with real herbs so your hair will stay shiny for up to eight and a half hours." After repeatedly inhaling the essentially same fragrance from each bottle, mulling over which label and aroma has won my four dollars and seventeen cents, the Marxist impulse within me, instilled by my unfathomably cheap father, compels my reluctant hand to pick up the sixth, cheapest bottle which was eliminated in round one.


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