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Our GCSE Geography provision has been redeveloped for first teaching in September 2016.

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English GCSE has an oral component requiring internal assessment and as such costs an additional £100I received a number of requests for a list of case studies that we have used in our Geography studies so far.

By clicking on the blue tab below, you can access a sheet where they are all listed up to the end of Unit 2 - Natural Environments.

Key elements of this topic are land use models, shopping and settlement hierarchy, sphere of influence and traffic, pedestrian survey, environmental survey, questionnaires and vehicle surveys.

We had collected these pieces of data to test against hypothesis we made. Middle However there was a population density of 130, 250m north of the town centre.There were two anomalies in the graph; the first was because this point was the closest to the CBD making it the densest. Conclusion Also Southgate has a big residential area surrounding it so therefore there are only locals commuting to Southgate.Because those who come to Hitchin aren't locals they use it more as a shopping centre so therefore it doesn't sell convenience items Southgate sells more low order goods than Hitchin. The land in Southgate is mainly used by commuters and people living locally. I used the question, 'How often do you come to Southgate? ' Because those who come to Hitchin aren't locals they use it more as a shopping centre so therefore it doesn't sell convenience items.They are qualifications that show you have gained a good level of learning in a given subject area and are recognised by employers and training providers in the UK as evidence of the first step of formal achievement. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers.Learn more* The Combined Science IGCSE is a dual award and as such is priced as 2 GCSEs.This tells me that Southgate is possibly more congested than Hitchin. Both have the same general view that as the further from the CBD you are the pedestrian density decreases. Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ . Introduction Geography Coursework Christopher-John Hammond Contents page Collection and Selection of Primary and Secondary Data Page 1 Introduction Page 2 House Pricing Page 3-6 Location, Maps and Photos Page 7 Hypothesis Page 8-9 Key Geographical Terms Page 10 Geographical Theory - Shopping Hierarchy Page 11 Geographical Theory - The Burgess Model Page 12-13 Method table Data Presentation Page 14 Hypothesis 1 Page 15 Hitchin Dot and Isoline Map Page 16 Southgate Dot and Isoline Map Page 17 Pedestrian Density Table Page 18 Pedestrian Density Scatter Graph Page 19-20 Spearmans Rank Page 21 Hypothesis 2 Page 22 Hitchin Environmental Quality Table Page 23 Hitchin Environmental Quality Stacked Bar Graph Page 24 Southgate Environmental Quality Table Page 25 Southgate Environmental Quality Stacked Bar Graph Page 26 Hypothesis 3 Page 27 Sphere of Influence Map for Hitchin Page 28 Sphere of Influence Table for Southgate Page 29 Sphere of Influence Graph for Southgate Page 30 Hypothesis 4 Page 31 Land Use Map for Hitchin Page 32 Land Use Map for Southgate Page 33 A Bar Graph to Show Types of Services in Hitchin Page 34 A Bar Graph to Show Types of Services in Southgate Page 35 Questionnaire Tables for Hitchin and Southgate Page 36 Questionnaire Graph for Southgate Page 37 Questionnaire Graph for Southgate Page 38 Questionnaire Graph for Hitchin Page 39 Questionnaire Graph for Hitchin Page 40-41 Display of Questionnaire for Hitchin Page 42-43 Display of Questionnaire for Southgate Analysis, Interpretations and Conclusions Page 44-47 Analysis Page 48-49 Evaluation Page 50-51 Conclusions Page 52 Comparison Page 53 Bibliography Introduction In June 2006, my geography group went on a trip to Hitchin as part of as introduction.Southgate sells more lower order goods than Hitchin, often known as convenience goods. In both towns banks and building societies are the most used store/shop. And Hitchin has more personal services than Southgate. The environment is of a higher quality in Hitchin than in Southgate. Hitchin has a wider sphere of influence than Southgate. Assessment Criterion 4 - Analysis and conclusions (15 marks) This section should: a describe what the data shows b include analytical comments that relate the data to the original aim(s) c identify, where appropriate, any links or relationships between different data sets d where relevant, consider the values and attitudes of people involved e return to the original aim(s), and consider to what extent the question has been answered, the problem solved or the hypothesis proved f show an appreciation of the limitations of the study and suggest how it could be improved or taken further. If relevant, there is some awareness of the different attitudes of some of the individuals and groups involved.


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