Gcse Sociology Essay Structure

Gcse Sociology Essay Structure-56
Do use the data provided in the Items whenever it is relevant to do so.Respond to the appropriate ‘action’ words and phrases.

It is wasteful to write more than is required and it will impact negatively on the time left for the bigger questions.

Do always clearly label the part of the question you are answering.

These words want you to set your response in a modern context.

Any reference to studies and debate outside these periods (e.g.

It is especially important to read through all the questions before attempting any of them.

A common mistake is to use information to answer a question which is more appropriate to another question.Identify, suggest, illustrate These words normally require you to apply your knowledge to a particular sociological problem or theory. the set of instructions at the start of the exam paper.Assess, examine, evaluate These words suggest that you should look at the strengths and weaknesses of an argument or both sides of a particular debate. You don’t want to answer too many questions or not enough or answer from the wrong sections.It normally involves reference to both sides of a debate.Outline, describe This implies a short response which sums up the major points of one particular theory or approach.Marks are easily wasted because the candidate fails to look at how the data is organised (i.e. Do take care in how you present sociological thinkers and theory.You need to recognise that contributions to sociological debate are a product of a specific time and place.Do plan your response to any question worth over 20 marks.Do pay special attention to the way marks are divided up between sections of data responses.A level Sociology focuses on contemporary society, providing an awareness of the importance of social structure and actions in explaining social forces and issues.Some questions A level Sociology covers include: A level Sociology helps you to develop knowledge and understanding of the essential sociological theories and methods (such as Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism) with which sociologists make sense of the diversity of societies, and of the forces which have and will continue to shape social change.


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