Garbage Disposal Short Essay

Garbage Disposal Short Essay-82
As a social science teacher of the senior secondary classes, I have been given this privilege to host this program and enlighten our students on various ways of managing the wastes of our homes and surroundings so that cleanliness can be encouraged amongst our young generation too.

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Waste management is that branch of science that looks into the prevention and supervising of wastes.

We all should owe some responsibility towards our environment and put every bit of efforts towards preserving it.

Disposing garbage or daily waste in the landfills is the most common method of waste disposal since a long time.

This method of waste disposal involves burying the garbage in the land.

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Since there are a lot of ways of waste disposal, you should look for a method that best suits you and allows you to maintain a clean environment without any struggle. Respected Senior Managers, Managers, Colleagues and My Dear Friends – hope you all are doing good!

I welcome everybody to the annual festival of our club and I am extremely pleased at the incredible performance of my team members.


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