Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Thesis

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Frankenstein began to feel depressed after the creation of the monster and decided to isolate himself from his friends and family.

Frankenstein kept his creation a secret from everyone because he was afraid of the consequences.

In the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the main theme of the story was isolation.

Both internal and external consequences were the cause of being isolated from society.

In all, the main theme revolves around the internal and external consequences of being isolated from others.

Being isolated from the world could result in a character losing his/her mental state and eventually causing harm to themselves or others.

They both use nature as a getaway when they are experiencing problems and they feel they have nowhere else to go.

is that it describes the horrors consequent upon scientific experimentation; the pursuit of science leading inevitably to tragedy.

With this idea in mind, Frankenstein devoted all of his time to the experiment and slowly isolating himself from the society. The creature also suffered many consequences from being isolated.

He became distant and entranced by his ambitions to reanimate the dead. He wanted to be part of a family, and feel loved, but everyone judged him based on his monstrous appearance.


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