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The characters of Walton and Frankenstein are almost entirely alike.Unbeknownst to each other, both men share a strikingly similar childhood. Saville, Walton recounts, “I am self-educated: for the first fourteen years of my life I ran wild on a common and read nothing but our Uncle Thomas’ books of voyages… These volumes were my study day and night” (19, 16). Almost identical, these self educations gave rise to similar curiosities.The history of “Frankenstein” refers to those stories about which everyone has heard, but what is the essence? For example, many, referring to the story of Mary Shelley, think that Frankenstein is a fairy monster, while others believe that he is the creator of a monster.

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Return as heroes,” Walton feels a social duty which overcomes his thirst for glory (217). Saville: “I have lost my hopes of utility and glory…

I am wafted towards England, and towards you, I will not despond… Expressly deeply pained by his failed enterprise, Walton retains the ability to find solace in human communion.

It becomes clear Shelley differentiates Walton and Frankenstein by only one character trait: their treatment of friends.

Throughout the novel, Victor Frankenstein increasingly rejects his friendships and isolates himself.

Shortly thereafter, he ventures to Scotland with Henry Clerval and delays Elizabeth’s desire for marriage and his father’s desire for his homecoming.

Frankenstein’s message to Clerval, “do not interfere with my motions, I entreat you: leave me to peace and solitude,” and his retreat to the remote Orkney Islands represents the final act in his self-extrication from society.

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After his incredible inability to seek or provide consolation during William’s funeral and Justine’s death, Frankenstein severely deteriorates all social connections.

In their first dialogue, Victor yells at his creature, “Begone! There can be no community between you and me; we are enemies” (103).


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