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Number three: Pre-write your essays as much as possible.The sooner that you apply for your primary application, the longer time you have to write your secondaries. Look up your schools in our Medical School Secondary Application Essay Library, and see what prompts that school usually sends in their secondaries.

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But what is less well known is that different colleges favor particular topics and even specific words used in essays.

This is a key finding from Admit See, a startup that invites verified college students to share their application materials with potential applicants.

The secondaries would usually ask about the diversity you’re going to bring or a time you’ve advocated for somebody.

Or they ask about why you want to come to their specific school.

For some students who apply to a lot of schools, you just get inundated with secondary essays.

You might have 10 or 20 different medical schools to write secondary essays for, and they all hit you at once.Many are from people who got into well-ranked colleges, since they targeted these students first.The vast majority of these essays come from current college students who were admitted within the last two or three years.High school students can pay to access Admit See’s repository of successful college essays, while college students who share their materials receive a small payment every time someone accesses their data.“The biggest differentiator for our site is that college students who share their information are compensated for their time,” Stephanie Shyu, cofounder of Admit See, tells Shyu says that this model has allowed Admit See to collect a lot of data very rapidly.Last year, Harvard’s admissions rate dipped to a record low, with only 5.3% of applicants getting an acceptance letter. These days, it takes more than impressive grades, a full roster of extracurriculars, and a deep commitment to community service to get into a well-ranked school.Experts say that a stellar essay is the linchpin that will win the admissions department over.Admit See has a team that analyzes all of these materials, gathering both qualitative and quantitative findings.And they’ve found some juicy insights about what different elite colleges are looking for in essays.And they’ll use that information to determine how interested you are in that school.This could give them data to figure out who they should invite for an interview.


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