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In nearly half, power-hungry scientists keep their inventions a secret.In more than a third, the breakthrough gets out of control; 6 in 10 depict the discovery or device causing harm to innocent people.

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There's just one problem with the common reading of as a cautionary tale: It flows from a profound misunderstanding of the original text.

In the anonymously published 1818 edition of the book, an adolescent Victor Frankenstein dreams of discovering the elixir of life, imagining "what glory would attend the discovery, if I could banish disease from the human frame, and render man invulnerable to any but a violent death!

Frankenstein promptly succumbs to a "nervous fever" that confines him for several months.

Later we learn that the creature, whose mind was as unformed as a newborn baby's, fled to the woods where he learned to survive on nuts and berries and enjoy the warmth of the sun and birdsong.

Scientists were heroes in only 11 percent of the movies.

In 2003, German sociologist Peter Weingart and his colleagues looked at 222 movies and found scientists frequently portrayed as "maniacs" and "unethical geniuses." Scientific discoveries or inventions are depicted as dangerous in more than 60 percent of the storylines.

When Frankenstein and the creature meet again, the latter justifies his actions on the grounds that all of his overtures of friendship, sympathy, and love have been violently rejected.

He then persuades his creator to agree to fashion for him a female companion.

When I looked around, I saw and heard of none like me."The fact that the creature learned to speak and read in a period of just over a year indicates that he is far more intelligent than human beings, too.

In any case, he eventually unravels the mystery of his origins by reading notes he finds in the coat he took from Frankenstein.


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