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White children suffer from physical and psychological abuse applied by their non-white mates.In non-white neighborhoods and countries, it is often unsafe for whites to appear in the street at night. The definite areas of the USA, the UK, France and Germany suffer from white discrimination and abuse from the side of the non-white population.Being a student, you will have to complete a considerable amount of writing assignments, and essays will definitely be the most preferred type of academic work given by teachers and (a little later) by professors.

On the one hand, people have always treated the representatives of a different ethnicity with apprehension.

They have always felt better in the mono-ethnic environment and looked at the strangers from different parts of the world suspiciously. Modern civilization is multicultural and there is hardly a country in the world, which has preserved its mono-ethnic background.

They are able to receive education, work and develop their personality in the way they want.

Unfortunately, there are still many cases of black discrimination in the USA.

Children are brought up in the street and they are often involved into various criminal street gangs.

Doubtless, they do not see anything positive in the surrounding areas; therefore, they do not receive motivation for education and self-development.Is there something more shameful and immoral than racial discrimination? It does not worth mentioning that all people are different.They differ according to their appearance and worldview.Very often, police officers apply their excessive force during law enforcement activities against non-white people.There is a stereotype that the majority of African Americans and Latinos are involved into various street gangs and drug trafficking.The problem of racial discrimination is extremely relevant nowadays.Both white and non-white people have not learnt to treat one another in the proper way.Very few non-black people manage to reach their goal if they come from such neighborhoods.Nearly everybody knows about black discrimination but very few people speak about the problem of white discrimination.To begin with, African Americans and Latinos are arrested more frequently than white people are.Moreover, such people are the targets of police brutality.


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