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Biodiversity is a term used to describe the whole of biological diversity, i.e., all living things: plants, animals, and microorganisms and all their interactions with each other and their environment.

The term includes three levels of organization: In simple words Biodiversity means the number of species of plants, animals and micro-organisms occurring in a given habitat or a region, country, continent or the entire globe.

Man has learnt to work with the genetic variations existing in nature.

Thus, it has been possible to create high-yielding and newer varieties of rice and other crops, and also animals through suitable combinations of effective genes.Because if some forms of life fail to survive and become extinct, it is a pointer to the environment becoming hostile towards those forms of life.To date, scientists have identified and counted about 1.4 million species, only a small fraction of the number of species that may have existed once. One organism can hardly survive without the helping hand from a host of others.Biodiversity includes diversity within species (Genetic diversity), between species (Species diversity) and of ecosystems (Ecosystem diversity).Genes are carriers of hereditary characteristics and each species has a variation of genes. If a species becomes extinct, the genes, which are responsible for the distinctive characters of the species, are also lost forever.And some form of life is everywhere: on the slopes of high mountains and on the floors of the oceans, in scorching deserts and at the frigid poles.Life in enormously different shapes and sizes, from the giant blue whales and redwoods to butterflies and microbes is present everywhere. Biodiversity measures the vast variety of life in the earth and it is an indicator of the overall health of our planet.For example, Man depends upon other organisms for its various needs and he shares the planet with all others.Without the diverse forms of life, man would not survive.The genes may be present in hundreds of different combinations giving rise to different characteristics for individuals within the same species.Thus, all humans belong to the same species ‘homo sapiens’, yet each man is different from every other man at least in some respects of his physical, psychological and behavioral build-up.


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