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There was an explosion of embarrassment as their eyes met, they both broke away from the gripping gaze in time to realise they had missed their stop. Between 20, photographer Richard Hooker visited various bus stops across London and shot film photographs of the people waiting for their rides to arrive.

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The bus ground to a halt and as she had predicted a bulk of the bodies flooded out onto the street, With very little distance between those who were speed walking and those who were running! Brooklyn took a seat next to the window, she liked the seats that were elevated slightly higher than the rest.

From that day on, I don’t think I ever rode another bus.

I suppose I must have; transportational logic says that I must have—there must be a crosstown M86 or an uptown limited in there somewhere—but, if I did, I don’t know when.

Her skin was obviously pale as it was covered in a thick layer of blotchy foundation, she smiled unconvincingly to reveal a set of perfectly white, straight teeth.

She was slim, almost too slim and her tights were baggy around her ankles. Conclusion He felt awkward, Brooke could tell, he moved his hand hesitantly then to her surprise he began to pull silly faces and make googling noises.


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