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Again stated by Prusak et al, “Because of increases in obesity, Health Enhancement is being looked upon with more favorable eyes than it has for decades.” This is a good thing for Health Enhancement teachers knowing that we are learning ways to help students become healthy children and hopefully they take what they learn into adulthood.If the students could take what they learn from Health Enhancement teachers and use it in everyday life then the obesity epidemic could start to slow down.

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(I wrote this article in 2007 and posted it at A Novel Edit.

I’ve posted it here to make it easily accessible to readers of The Editor’s Blog.) ______________________________________________ Favorite stories—what are they?

This is not helping the obesity epidemic when you have instructors who don’t know what it is to have the knowledge of Health Enhancement curriculum.

If we as Health Enhancement teachers get the opportunities we need to get into schools and then we could help with the obesity epidemic.

I am learning ways to help students understand health, and how everyday exercise can help them be healthy.

I am learning the importance of making class active and fun for students so they will want to come to class and learn.Instead of the old way teachers have taught by having kids play dodge ball, or duck duck goose, teachers have students doing multiple stations in class.There are climbing walls, crawling stations, cargo nets, it is amazing to see what kids do now compared to what I did when I was a kid.You’ll be proving that you’ve been moved at some point in your own life. Writing to stir emotions may also rouse some of your own. If students have a chance to choose what they want to do in class, it makes class more fun and gives them ideas of things to do at home away from school.The one thing that we as Health Enhancement teachers have problems with is that there has been a lack of support for Health Enhancement, this makes it hard to have a say in what we can do to help make healthy children.You do want your readers to stay with you for reasons other than the .95 paid for the book, right? You want them to read your next story and the one after that. Give them all of you, including your private emotions and memories. It's about putting the words together to touch, to entertain, to move the reader. Writing to create emotional responses in your reader will cost you. You will show that you know what moves others, what touches your readers. Health Enhancement majors go through extensive training not only to do physical education class we teach health classes in teach different aspects of health class (like sex education, how to eat healthy, ect.).This is even happening in Bozeman middle schools where they use general K-8 grade instructors to teach Health Enhancement.


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