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Cho was declared mentally ill and ordered to seek outpatient treatment.After the shooting, police found a suicide note in Cho's dorm room that included comments about "rich kids", "debauchery", and "deceitful charlatans".On April 18, 2007, NBC received a time-stamped package from Cho containing a 1,800 word manifesto, photos and videos. You loved inducing cancer in my head, terror in my heart and ripping my soul all this time".

As terrified students began tending to those injured, Cho opened fire again - killing Waleed Shaalan as he shot him for the second time.

Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan was gunned down and killed as he protected a fellow student, while substitute professor Haiyan Cheng managed to prevent Cho from entering - saving everyone in his classroom including himself.

Israeli Holocaust survivor Professor Liviu Librescu blocked Cho from entering his classroom allowing most of his students to flee through the window. Instructor Jocelyne Couture-Nowak and student Henry Lee were killed in room 211 as they attempted to barricade the door, and Cho massacred ten more in the room.

The killer reloaded and began returning to classrooms he had visited earlier.

Troubled mass killer Cho, 23, was a South Korean citizen with a US permanent resident status.

Cho lived with his family in Seoul, South Korea, before moving to the US when he was eight years old.

He walked into a class and killed Professor GV Loganathan then sprayed students with bullets killing nine out of 13.

Cho then went across the hall and shot dead German instructor Jamie Bishop and four students.

He was bullied throughout school for his speech and shyness, and his parents took him to church to address his problems even though Cho "hated" their Christian faith.

In a video that Cho sent to the NBC headquarters in New York he stated, "Thanks to you I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and defenceless people." When he was admitted to Virginia Tech, officials at his previous schools did not report his speech and anxiety-related problems because of federal privacy laws preventing disclosure unless a student requests special accommodation. Several former professors reported that his writing and classroom behaviour were disturbing, and he was encouraged to seek counselling.


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