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It will include: - discussion of the essential incompatibility of any euthanasia law with the objectives of sound criminal law - some discussion of the human rights thought relevant to euthanasia - the role of public opinion in law making, and - some of the medical factors that would make any such law unsafe.Incompatibility of legalised euthanasia with existing criminal law.In sharp contrast to the usual lack of resolution on debate on this topic, every one of these committees independently reached the same conclusion, namely that legalisation would be unwise and dangerous public policy, because unpreventable abuses could not be eliminated.

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Additionally, the consent of the victim is by legal tradition no defence to a crime. The criminal law of every nation holds that all innocent human life is inviolable, innocent persons being those who pose no threat, or have done no harm, to others.

The value placed equally by law on each life is such that its intentional destruction is the greatest of crimes, deserving of the greatest penalty.

The practices will pose the greatest threats to those who are poor, elderly, members of a minority group or without access to good medical care'.

This paper cannot do justice to the whole of the content of the cited reports which need to be read in full, because they cover an extensive range of subjects.

Regarding laws on killing, the House of Lords Report said 'The product of an adequate, legal framework should be public confidence that the law protects life...there can be no more important area in which the law's protection should be complete and transparent than where individual's lives are at stake'.

For a law to be unsafe, it does not have to be shown that it will be abused, merely that it is clearly open to abuse.When she released the final report of this Committee in 1998, the Chairperson revealed that of its five MP members, four, including herself, had originally been in favour of euthanasia.This Committee unanimously found that 'it would be impossible to frame a law that included all the vital safeguards to protect the vulnerable, weak and disabled' (6).When it visited Holland, the Committee learned there of an alarming number of patient deaths without patient consent, and were openly told by Dutch advocates of euthanasia that effective safeguards against abuse had proved impossible to devise (5).The Committee of the New York State Task Force had 25 members, including some who thought that euthanasia and assisted suicide were sometimes ethical and compatible with good medical practice.It is apparent now that such a neutral way has been discovered, though perhaps by chance, it has already been used several times and the results of that use have been published.I refer to the reports of the large government-supported committees of inquiry held in recent years, on four different continents, devoted to the consideration of the consequences of legalising euthanasia.The concept of equality before the law would have been abandoned. For a law to be just, it should be grounded in sound ethical principle capable of receiving general acceptance; its definitions and provisions should be set out in clear terms so they can be interpreted in the same way by all who read them.This would constitute a particular problem with euthanasia, since many of the phenomena associated with death are difficult to define with such precision; its provisions, particularly those intended to act as safeguards, must be capable of being realised and of being monitored, and it must contain no obvious avenues for abuse. Sydney, Australia The legalisation of euthanasia is a constantly recurring topic for debate, in which the chief themes include the status of good medical and nursing care for the dying, its morality, legal detail and human rights, especially respect for personal autonomy and perhaps privacy, and the role of public opinion.Since there are deep divisions in society on all those issues, it is not surprising that the debate seems to rotate endlessly about them, without any reasonable prospect of consensus.


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