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According to the catalyst model, violence arises from a combination of genetic and early social influences (family and peers in particular).

According to this model, media violence is explicitly considered a weak causal influence. Recent research with inmates has, likewise, provided support for the catalyst model.

Bandura presented children with an Aggressive Model: The model played with 'harmless' tinker toys for a minute or so but then progressed onto the Bobo doll, the model lay the Bobo doll down and was violent towards it; punched its nose, hit it with a mallet, tossed it in the air, and kicked it.

In addition, verbal comments were made in relation.

It is theorized that with repeated exposure to media violence, a psychological saturation or emotional adjustment takes place such that initial levels of anxiety and disgust diminish or weaken.

For example, in a study conducted in 2016, a sample of college students were assigned at random to play either a violent or non-violent video game for 20 minutes.

Research studies and positions taken by scholars and politicians tend to confirm the pre-existing belief, rather than dispassionately observe and evaluate the issue.

Eventually the panic dies out after several years or decades, but ultimately resurfaces when yet another new medium is introduced.

Social learning theory suggests that one way in which human beings learn is by the process of modeling.

Modeling of behavior was observed in Bandura's Bobo Doll experiments.


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