Essay On Social Networking Sites Should Be Banned

Essay On Social Networking Sites Should Be Banned-29
The mistakes which are done by the politicians and higher level people are seen via social media only.... Point: social networks are more useful to get information what we have to know.And it is the one of the network to interact with the people lives in every corner in this provides lot of oppurtunities to communicate easily with our friends,relatives,etc..

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And about disadvantage that there is no disadvantage it depends upon people mind that how they take the things !!!!

Point: its very sad to say that because of social networking site childrens think negativlythey spend more time on chating nd upload waste photos.

Point: social networking site will b most of the time acting as a bane rather than boon..a days it is mostly misuse by the peoples and it has become an life time wastage for the school or college student rather than spending there precious time in studying they are much involve in chating,entertainment etc...

Point: My views about social networking is that I am favour in this topic!

Point: On my point of view it is boon because it gives freedom to shear our fillings and connecting people globally to interact with them and if we start any business then it is the best mode of advertising our products locally or nationally. Wasting hours after it delays our dalily routine work.

Point: Social networking is always a boon because of thinking is always founded and surfed by using social media only. Thank YOU Point: There are number of things happens in the day to day life.its not mean to share all the thing on social network bcoz of this their are lots of personal thing will exposed and it cause no of prblm.It help us to communicate with those persons who are unknown to us.Through this communication we know about these persons which helps us to make a decision that the persons are good or bad.Because with the help of social networking site we can communicate with many persons in a single time by sitting at a one place !Many social sites like Whatsapp,line,we chat , Facebook etc are good for all in all of these line app is the best app bec in line app we can do a free video call and call !Point: according to my view social has a lots of good points.through social networking sites we can express our feeling and mental is a good way to entertain yourself...personally i believe it is good way to connect his friends and his family members.especially they live stay away..can make new friends..can get different types of knowledge....Point: today social networking site are very precious for because of them we are able to contact with each other by the help of facebook,and thats not so gud for our future Point: Everything has some good effect and some bad also but it depends on individual how they utilized good effect and how to convert bad effect to good media should improve our life not become our life.Point: definitely its a boon becoz we can get information about anything what we wanted to can communicate with our friends n relatives who are far from we should not waste many time in these things....Point: hello frends from my point of u its totally depends on us that how r we using all these social networking now a days with the help of these social networking sites likr face book watsup.people can communicate between them selfs in no time but the biggrst disadvantage is that the youth is so addicted to these sites .


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