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Possessing good manners helps in creating a good and lasting impression.Behaving nicely with others does not only make a good impression on them but also makes us feel content.

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Childhood is most likely the time when you can actually teach things to the child and can moreover be assured that it would remain with him till he lives.

Every day, every situation in our lives we got to follow a conduct, a conduct that is kind, gentle and respectful to everyone be it your boss or a janitor, it is a courtesy we owe to people, to strangers and to the known ones. In each and every phase of life a person is going to be judged on the basis of his first impression, and it is what lasts forever in a person’s mind.

Meaning Courteous and kind behaviour of the people is termed as having good manners. It can be expressed through your conduct, your words and your deeds.

It is something that has to be taught and inculcated from the very beginning.

Friendships are initiated and relationships are strengthened on the basis of good manners.

Examples of Good Manners Here are some of the examples of good manners: Conclusion Many more such small things that we tend to ignore in our day to day lives can have a great impact on us and our lives.

It is very important to understand the importance of the magical words such as “thank you,” “sorry,” “please,” “excuse me” and gestures such as holding the door for others, not using phone while we are with someone, listening, offering your seat to someone in need, smiling at strangers while having an eye contact and many such small actions which can make someone feel a bit more happy and comfortable with you.

These actions and words will also induce positivity in our mind and soul.

The need of adopting good manners in public is not only to gain respect, but also to show people that you are considerate about their feelings and their dignity.

Moreover, good manners lead to good habits and good habits eventually lead to individual growth as well as overall development of a country.


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