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Political Economy according to Alonzo Potter teaches one how to increase production by teaching us to distinguish between true and false economy.The difference in the modern findings lies mainly with the methods employed, and many critics have viewed the outcome as being too broad as researchers try to embrace a large amount of variables that may have affected the final conclusions one way or another.The fact that politics has a great influence on economics can be demonstrated by the example of inflation.Professor Alesina believed that “political institutions are important determinants of economic outcomes.In turn, the state of the economy affects political outcomes, both in the long run and in the short.William Stanley Jevons’ view of Political Economy is that of a science that looks at the wealth of nations; it looks at the causes that make one nation more prosperous than another.It has as its main goal the education of society in order that poor people should be as few as possible and everybody should be well compensated for work done.In the recent past, there have been increases in the research of the influence of politics on economics.Such research though old, appears to be ageless as the findings are quite applicable to modern age as much as to the earlier era.The term, as its name implied, originated because of the belief that the economy and politics could not be separated from each other.As time went by, it was evident that the both sciences were separated; economics and politics both were sciences in their own rights.


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