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Dignity of labour is recognising the nobility of performing a task and not demeaning it, it is the quality of recognising the importance of labour and not classifying it by its nature.Dignity in labour is recognising and honouring the task one is performing.

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If performing a task is seen as ones duty (dharma), if it is performed as a form of worship, then every task becomes important and sacred.

Then one will never allow it to be corrupted or become a subject of contempt or do it inefficiently.

This labour has helped man to develop hid civilization. This harvest can transmute him to the zenith of riches.

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Bapu accepted him into his ashram and told him that he must clean the latrines from the next day.

Being obedient the young man performed the task assigned to him.In Bapus ashrams, the first task entrusted to new entrants was the cleaning of latrines. Latrine duty meant emptying and washing chamber pots and toilets.Since toilets were buckets in those days they had to be carried and emptied into cesspits and cleaned frequently. kinds of labor: Labour is of two kinds-physical labor and mental labor indicates the work of our brain. Both have dignity and honor Labour and mentality: We have to work. These countries have occupied the highest position by means of labor. LAbour in developed countries: In developed countries, labor is given higher dignity. Many great people who have become immortal are remembered more for their humility and ability to honour and respect the weakest of the weak and the poorest of the poor.A successful General is one who looks after and respects his foot soldiers and recognises their importance, one who instils a sense of pride and a feeling of importance amongst the lowest ranks in his command and not one who treats his troops as expendable cannon fodder.For it will be by those small things that you shall be judged.One day Napoleon Bonaparte was out on a stroll with his generals.Napoleon reprimanded the General and asked the labourer to continue crossing the bridge.While waiting, Napoleon told the General, This man is working, no matter how insignificant his task, the fact that he is performing it, is working, makes him important.


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