Essay On Criminalisation In Politics

In the Indian practice of democracy, value-based politics the mainstay for the well-being of any nation, has been squandered and sacrificed at the altar of power worship.The quest for power has subsumed all altruistic purposes and initiatives.It is an inherent characteristics of politics that its nature will be undergoing a process of continuous change.

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National developmental initiatives started to get skewed or stopped altogether by the superimposition of regional or state interests.

Third, the formation of the government started to become a political ‘circus’, which the people of the nation watched with alacrity and disdain.

It can be stated that progress as a nation became a low priority in this scramble for power through the grabbing of ministerial berths in return for ‘support’ in the legislature.

The 2014 voting pattern is indicative of the voter impatience with coalition politics that has delayed, and at times stopped, the implementation of national developmental policies.

The poorer sections of society are deprived of a voice and does not take part in the governance process till the next democratic elections.

In other words, the democratic success of the nation is not shared by all.A centralised direction for a concerted national developmental agenda therefore became almost impossible to craft and implement.Second, with a number of regional parties being represented at the Centre, the clear demarcation that had so far existed between national interest and parochial state concerns started to become less marked.Ever since the first elections held in 1952, there is no doubt that there has been multi-fold increase in the level of political awareness in the country as a whole.This is a positive move forward in a nation where a large part of the population are still uneducated and live a hand-to-mouth existence.This in turn should lead to the common person’s participation in the political process of the nation as a normal pattern.In India—the world’s largest democracy by population—this two-step process is still falling short with participation of the general public after the completion of the electoral process being negligible and restricted to the elite few.In this election, over 550 million voters exercised their franchise across 28 States and seven Union Territories.The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 282 of the 543 seats in the Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament), achieving a single-party majority for the first time in three decades.Paradoxically, simultaneous to the increase in political awareness, there is also the increase in the misuse of the electoral system by political parties and politicians to achieve narrow and parochial objectives.Over a period of a few decades the political parties have willingly compromised on values, ethics and morality in order to gain power through the electoral process, laying aside the imperatives of broader national interest.


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