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CBT works in a simple manner by breaking down problems into small fragments and addressing them one at a time.A psychologist identifies a problem, that is, the depressing situation.

“These maladaptive thought patterns are also known as negative or maladaptive schemas, or core beliefs.

Core beliefs are fundamental assumptions people have made that influence how they view the world and themselves.” As people think in a given way for prolonged time, these thoughts become habits and people stop questioning them as they become part of life.

In cognitive therapy, the therapist takes an active part in solving a patient's problems.

He or she doesn't settle for just nodding wisely while the patient carries the whole burden of finding the answers they came to therapy for initially.

Cognitive therapists teach patients to identify their negative thoughts, recognize...

In treating depression, CBT has found wide application due to its satisfying positive results.

From this situation, a psychologist monitors one’s thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions.

After this identification, the therapist helps the patient to come up with positive thoughts that would enable him/her view the depressing situation from a positive perspective.

Through analysis of patient’s different thoughts to determine how they would affect him/her, the psychologist helps the patient to replace bad or negative results with good and positive ones.

Given the fact that it is easier said than done, the psychologists assigns the patient some homework whereby he/she applies these thoughts in the depressing situation.


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