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Music helped alleviate the symptoms of depression that became very prominent in my mother following her stroke.Personal interest arose in the therapeutic benefits of music after suffering a period of disharmony within myself, caused from a build- up of stress due to work, self-employment, and family commitments and so on, resulting in a lack of self-care. Music was a help at the time and offered an escape from the complicated workings of my mind.A realisation period has to be endured in order to re-evaluate and re-formulate one’s circumstances.

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This was the first step to healing, which I was later to realise through literature and therapy. The nervous system is the body’s decision and communication centre.

The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system comprises the other associated nerves.

Radio Luxembourg helped her to sleep at night and Gerry Ryan kept her happy during the morning. She knew all the latest pop songs and we all sang along with her.

Even though she was challenged both mentally and physically she used music as a form of communication with everyone and used it well!

She was happy when she sang and music made her happy again when she felt sad.

My mother Bridie, suffered a stroke, which induced aphasia, which is a difficulty understanding words.Practically every part of the brain is involved while listening, playing, reading and creating music.It affects both sides of the brain at once thus allowing the brain to concentrate more easily.Playing and singing raised my spirits and at least gave relief from the sterility of not caring about anything or anybody.Depression is cruel and unforgiving; it consumes and negates all thoughts to the point of exhaustion.The brain is divided into left and right hemispheres.The left brain is responsible for words, logic, numbers and analysis. The right hemisphere is the creative side and is responsible for rhythm, colour, imagination, awareness and dimension. Each of these hemispheres is responsible for the multitude of specific systems required for functioning.It provided relief for both of them in times of frustration and stress.It also provided a medium in which we all could sing together offering a method of communication and harmony.Music is a universal language that can be understood by all humans it – ‘dynamically engages the emotional and spiritual part of being human’ It offers comfort and therapy to those suffering conditions such as brain damage, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism and depression.Music can have a profound influence on mood, potentially elevating the positive aspects of mood, such as vigour, excitement and happiness, and reducing depression, tension, fatigue, anger and confusion.


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