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It is known to be the earliest heroic epic in any European language So when the 2007 animated feature film Beowulf came out many expected to find the classic story come to life. The first tells of the story of the hero Beowulf from the Geatland (now Sweden) who sails to Denmark in aid of King Hrothgar who is beset by a half-demon known as Grendel.

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While Beowulf in his pronouncements following his descent into the cave implies that he has indeed slain the demon, there is no other proof of it than his word.

Avary also defends his portrayal of Beowulf as a weak and tempted man by arguing the possibility of Beowulf's own weakness that made him a prime target for the temptations and promises made by the siren.

Another departure from the original poem was the film's depiction of King Hrothgar as a hedonistic drunk and womanizer.

Also conspicuously absent from the film were Hrothgar's two sons from his Queen Wealtheow.

In a move to make the movie more current and appealing to contemporary audiences, the producers and director modernized the style and tone of the film doing away with most of the old English.

Also incorporated into the film were very visible Christian elements like the reference to the "Roman God Jesus" and the use of crosses.In so doing, the filmmakers sought to bring forth the concept that Grendel was not entirely evil but was rather misunderstood.In the poem, Grendel was depicted as enormous, terrifying and strong.Beowulf, the epic English poem from the 8th century has become standard reading in English literature classes and has seen many reincarnations and adaptations in books, theater, and film.Though its author is unknown, it is considered by many to be the greatest achievement of Old English literature. The narrative of Beowulf the epic poem is in two parts.But in so doing, the film has considerably changed what is arguably the most famous piece of old English literature and as to be expected, this has critics and literary purists up in arms.Beowulf the film provides alternative answers to questions raised by the original poem.Beowulf then successfully kills the dragon but is mortally wounded in return.Beowulf the animated film is directed by Robert Zemeckis from a screenplay written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary.Besides done with a slant towards commercial gain, he observes that the film and its portrayal of events in the poem to be rather satirical in nature. It also succeeds in humanizing both the hero Beowulf by making him flawed and the villain Grendel by making him partly unaccountable for his actions.This in effect blurs the lines between Hero and Villain such as it happens in real life.


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