Essay On A Memorable Journey By Train

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My heart danced with joy to hear this because of I always like a journey by train. We reached the station in time and bought two tickets. The whole platform was a scene of great confusion and noise. Sights enjoyed: When the train started running, some hawkers came to our compartment. I thought of walking from compartment to compartment.

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But the activities of all passengers were not my liking. Charms: The train journey is more comfortable because the passengers receive no jolts in it. Among the charms of traveling by train, I should mention the brief halts at wayside stations. Then I hired a rickshaw towards my uncle’s residence.

I saw passengers of different cultures and traditions doing so. “Ticketless journey by train or any kind of vehicle is very offensive. Be obedient to law and lead a legal and lawful life, my boys.” This advice came up to no help. left, the so-called teenagers began to burst into laughter.

Despite that the journey left a permanent impression in my mind. The scene of the memorable journey peeps into my mind in the moment of solitude when I become tired of the mechanical urban life.

A journey by train is an interesting and educative experience.

I saw men, women, and children working together in the fields. Some farmers were cultivating the land with pairs of bulls/cows.

An unlawful act in the train: Suddenly, there came the IT.

A railway journey is always an interesting experience. But this time’s Railway journey was the most memorable one. The tea stall and book shop were attracting many passengers. As soon as the train reached the platform, the passengers threw luggage in the door and there was a lot of pulling and pushing.

Last Sunday, I went to Lucknow by train with my friends. After fifteen minutes the train came from the yard. Children, women and old people had to face great difficulty.

After eight hours journey at last our train reached Chittagong railway station at about 1 p.m.

We got down from the train and went to my sister’s house by taxi. Conclusion: The pleasant and enjoyable journey lasted for a few hours.


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