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Peter Chen’s Philippines Campaign, Phase 1, the Leyte Campaign: – from which come the dates and summary of military movements, in. Madrigal had arrived in Hawaii and transferred to Kwajalein. Okinawan city of Naha was heavily damaged; many of the 548 deaths occurred in Naha, as many of the 698 wounded. It’s either that they were not given the chance to take off or they were discarded for good. Only the guns near the bombings were fired, unlike before when the air vibrated with activities and the city was draped in smoke.

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This entire period is a topsy-turvy one, and most accounts are confusing because the wartime situation necessarily made record-keeping and the keeping of an official chronology difficult. I hope the weather is good when we reach our objective. By the time the Imperial General Headquarters released the battle report on 19 Oct, it noted that 11 carriers, 2 battleships, and 7 cruisers and destroyers American ships were sunk.

This chart, prepared by the Presidential Library and Museum, shows in infographic form, the parallel governments that existed from 1942-1945: As for the Commonwealth government-in-exile, you will find Valdes mentioned from time to time in the diary of Francis Burton Harrison who served as an Adviser to the government-in-exile. Valdes seems to have been relatively uninvolved in the intense debate over the succession issue involving the Philippine presidency at this time. Furious but yet somewhat amused, William Halsey noted to Chester Nimitz that “[a]ll Third Fleet ships recently reported sunk by Radio Tokyo have been salvaged and are retiring at high speed toward the Japanese Fleet”, and Nimitz promptly made that message into a public relations piece.

Romulo was a Filpino statesman, diplomat, author and journalist who served under eight Philippine presidents and was the country's representative to the United States and the United Nations.

"I Am a Filipino" is often chosen by students for elocution contests and is one of the most famous nationalist manifestos in the world.

Aquino; Manila Mayor Juan Posadas December 24-25, 1941 in Diaries This period saw the transformation of Valdes from Chief of Staff to a member of the War Cabinet, including the key role Valdes played in the escape of a hospital ship, see The Great Escape of the S. Mactan In Corregidor, the tensions of the time were also chronicled by Valdes; and it includes some acts of derring-do, for example the Evacuation of the Gold Reserves of the Commonwealth February 3, 1942. I don’t know what history books will write about this day.

This was a time of particular crisis for Filipino leaders, which you can read about in The Debate on Taking the Philippines Out of the War: February 6-12, 1942. life belts were distributed and instructions were given to us on how to use them in case of sinking. Maybe they’ll put it down as the beginning of the offensive for the reconquest of the Philippines. They looked plenty and I didn’t have time to count because AA shrapnel started raining around our garden.The diary entries of Felipe Buencamino III for October 1, 1944 and October 2, 1944 opens the scene, so to speak, with a description of how life in Manila was breaking down, and anticipation of an Allied invasion was building up. Valdes tersely begins his journey home, flying from Washington D. United States Navy Admiral Chester Nimitz ordered Admiral William Halsey to strike Japanese airfields at Taiwan, China and Ryukyu Islands, Japan. The attack on Taiwan disabled or destroyed every single one of the 230 fighters that Admiral Shigeru Fukudome had available to him at Taiwan. Several cabins belonging to the officers of the ship were prepared for us. Moorehead the navigator, and I am very comfortable. It’s surprising how there could have been less accidents when people were all out in the streets watching and enjoying the fight in the sky.Other pre-invasion operations included bombing of Hong Kong, Dutch East Indies, and Mindanao.[A] cloudy day, a total of 90 Japanese aircraft were sent to attack Halsey’s carriers off Taiwan, which included Army B6N Tenzan torpedo bombers, Army Ki-49 Donryu horizontal bombers, and Navy P1Y Ginga horizontal bombers. Valdes had spent October 8-12, 1944 at work with American staff officers. The bay is covered with ships of all kinds — hundreds of them: L. I found the internees the best indicators of oncoming raids. All I did was watch these internees as they pointed to the skies and applauded noiselessly. Mudge (Commanding General, First Cavalry Division), inspecting the beachhead on Leyte Island, 20 October 1944. The swamped LCVP in the right background is from USS Ormsby (APA-49). A bomb fell yesterday near the Legazpi-Urdaneta monument, up an enormous crater, burying alive thirty-one persons who died of asphyxiation. At the explosion, mounds of earth and a big uprooted tree covered the entrance.Valdes’ diary then chronicles the risky, tension-filled hegira of the War Cabinet from Corregidor to the Visayas, then to Mindanao and Australia. They are all happy to go, anxious to meet the foe in a death struggle. It is on the same principle as the Mae West life vest used by Aviators. We were advised to keep it on continuously and not to inflate until after we are in the water, as it would be dangerous to jump overboard with that inflated. We travel only at eight knots per hour because the L. Or probably they’ll note it as just the 7th day of the naval attack on Taiwan with diversionary raids on the Philippines. A machine gun bullet struck our shelter, fortunately on the concrete side. By the drone and by the glimpse I had, I judged there were at least a hundred.From there, the War Cabinet went to the United States to establish a government-in-exile in May, 1942. In a few hours we will start moving, and then the biggest convoy set for an attack, since the invasion of France, will be on its way. It is warm; sea is calm, perhaps a presage of the “hell” to come. If it had hit an inch higher, it would have penetrated the thin wooden panel and I wouldn’t be writing this now. October 18 to this tramp means nothing but several hours in the air-raid shelter, Mama nervous about Vic who refused to take cover, Neneng praying the rosary, grandpop smoking a cigar, Dad going in and out of the shelter to take a look and then to hurriedly run in when the earth begins to shake, and the dog trying to squeeze into the shelter.December 24, 1941, Malacañan Palace, shortly before the Commonwealth War Cabinet evacuated to Corregidor: Maj. Vargas; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Jose P. People say that this is a prelude to the invasion of the Philippines.Laurel; Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos (taking his oath of office); senator-elect Benigno S. “They’re neutralizing whatever help Formosa can give to the Japanese here when invasion comes” according to Joe.It starts with a quick walk through the history of the nation and culminates with a paragraph that states "I am a Filipino born to freedom." Romulo mentions that the Philippines is a child resulting from the marriage of the East and the West and deserves to take a proud stand in the world.His call for freedom is born from the rights of the Filipinos to be proud of their inheritance and he announces that he will not find peace until the dream of freedom is achieved for his people. Or will they head for the Japanese mainland immediately? The suspension was attributed to the lack of transportation for the students and employees who were supposed to attend. People said there were many dogfights around Caloocan. Can’t conceive how the Japanese can interpret such an act as bravery. Several of the boys that came to the house to play basketball believe this is the prelude to invasion. In my opinion, the air raid over Manila was just a feint. I was reading this dogmatic editorial when the air raid signal no. The projected parade before the legislative building was suspended. Then his figure became more distinct and people started shouting “Parachute, parachute! When he was just above the housetops, Japanese soldiers started firing at him. Made my blood boil, this slaughtering of a fellow that’s defenceless.


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