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When the arousing of attention is complete and you are able to focus with bare attention on the four contemplations without disturbances arising, you are ready to begin the practice of right concentration, which is the sharpening of the mind to reach a higher level of purification (Saydaw, 2008).

Your fully concentrated mind with the support of right effort and right mindfulness will be able to eliminate defilements and also begin to see things as they really are, i.e. When mastering the mind you have laid the foundation for the cultivation of wisdom.

Wisdom consists of the two final factors: right thought and right understanding.

Right thought is (i) thoughts about renunciation, i.e.

Compared to other religions' way of attaining liberation, the Noble Eightfold path emphasizes human efforts – your efforts – and not an outside agent such as a god.

To practice the Noble Eightfold path, you do not need to have faith because the path lacks any form of worship and prayer activities, and you do not need to believe in rebirth because it is not mentioned in the Noble Eightfold path.When you follow the right speech, you will naturally be forced to speak the truth.Thus, you will naturally begin with using words that are useful, meaningful, and friendly (P. Right action is threefold and is to restrain from (i) killing living creatures, i.e. The three factors of right action have a goal to promote honorable and peaceful moral conduct.The purpose of the right effort is to make you keen in order to be able to track down unwholesome thoughts and to strengthen the already arisen wholesome thoughts of your mind. to have awareness, of (i) the bodily activities, (ii) the feelings, (iii) the mind, and (iv) the mental objects.If you have the ability to control the three factors of moral conduct – right speech, right action and right livelihood – right effort will help you with examining your thoughts and mental factors, and will also prevent unwholesome thoughts from arising (P. It refers to the specific ways that you shall meditate towards these four factors to eliminate the defilements.Through intellectual, moral and spiritual perfection, the Noble Eightfold path leads to happiness, peace and freedom.It is the path that begins with moral conduct and leads to the realization of the ultimate reality.Furthermore, it is very easy to fall for the second factor; someone that is shirking during work time, but receiving a full salary does, in fact, take something that is not given – money that is not earned (P. Right livelihood is to abstain from livelihood based on (i) wrong conduct, i.e.engage in bodily action such as killing or verbal action such as lying, and also to deal with meat, weapons, living beings, poisons and intoxicants, (ii) improper means, i.e.To be aware of the mental objects is to understand their nature; for instance, how they develop and how they are eliminated (Sutta, 2010).The four contemplations should be applied in daily life in order to prevent the mind from becoming attached to external objects rather than exhibiting awareness towards the four factors.


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