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JAMES CAVIEZEL I appreciate the food and money and so forth. Hey class, why don't you all go change the fucking world? How about we all do something nice for people and they do something nice for other people? He finds a homeless man, JAMES CAVIEZEL, who of course is a homeless person with a heart of gold. I had had some ideas to do it like help my teacher clean his room or help a sweeper clean but they failed.

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KEVIN SPACEY (holding his oscar) I didn't think my dad would either. I pissed him off by telling him I'd kill him if he hurt my mom.

KEVIN SPACEY He dragged me out to the back yard and he poured water all over me..

I know that some act seems small with us but it can change other person life, we don't need a lot of money or power to change the world. F could really become a global movement, It needs a lot of trust from people who are helped.

All we need to do is change the lives of a few people and inspire them to do the same. I think almost people usually think about what they could receive back.

One thing in real life, people often suspect when they receive a big favor without reward (like reporter in movie).

I think almost people usually think about what they could receive back. I often helped other people even I don’t know or we aren’t close because I think I could get returning a favor, paid back or good relationship or I was in a same conjuncture and I was receive help from other people (maybe wasn’t and at that time I had hoped a person who I know or not help me). He is wearing a SLEVELESS SHIRT and has been made up to look extra sweaty. KEVIN SPACEY I am Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey. It showed me altruism and generosity and I can see goodness inside people.When I saw Trevor invites a homeless man called Jerry to eat, shower, and sleep at his house, and Jerry talk to Arlene about how that action change Jerry’s mind make me know how the Pay it forward work.After this movie, I got a project about pay it forward.Although it seems a work which I must do, I still tried to think about a big kind act or a help form stranger (me). the message is, if you help people, really bad shit happens to you? AUDIENCE Does that mean we need to pay that forward? KEVIN SPACEY My low self confidence forces me to leave. KEVIN SPACEY (angry) Haven't you been watching this damn movie?!


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