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Growing up with pets, my first thought was to rescue an orphaned animal from the local shelter.Before heading down and walking through the pound just in agony trying just to choose one pet, I decided to choose a pet that would be ideal for my lifestyle.Eventually, I moved on to mammals, which is where I am now.

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The scientific name, or species, for the goldfish is Carassius Auratus. Some goldfish have been known to grow up to 2 feet long and nearly 10 pounds. If you have yours in a fish bowl, don't expect it to get much bigger than a few inches long. The Egg-fish goldfish has a more rounded shape, sort of like an egg. A well kept goldfish in the perfect environment can live for years.

One type of goldfish, the bubble eye goldfish, has big bubbly looking eyes that bulge out from its head. There are instances where goldfish have lived over 40 years.

Why I Read It: I have owned pets for most of my life.

As a toddling tyke, I kept tiny bugs in plastic cages: crickets and caterpillars and beetles and butterflies.

But, always being around dogs, cats, and fish, how does one choose, "an ideal pet?

' All pets can make good companions, but sometimes their needs and can be conflicting with the owners.He has also published several books, including one that bears the title biography also references a stack of prestigious awards he has collected over the course of his career. Bluie’s life and his passing came to involve so many cosmic elements–including the problem of consciousness and the plot line of Hitchcock’s After reading these two sentences, I knew I would finish the essay.I had to discover how the death of a five-year-old’s goldfish could trigger a bout of acute existential angst.This type of longevity is rare, though, and many aquarium goldfish will live for 6 to 8 years when properly cared for. Goldfish are a freshwater fish and like to live in water that is 50F to 76F.Many goldfish live in aquariums and small domesticated ponds, but some do live in the wild.Being the oldest sibling, I never had the opportunity to feel lonely while growing up.Recently, I moved away from home and for the first time ever I was very alone.When living in aquariums, they like a lot of space. During the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty the fish were bred for their golden colors.At least 10 gallons of water for each fish, but the more space the better as this gives them more oxygen, which they get out of the water. Later, goldfish became popular in Japan where many new breeds were introduced. Some goldfish can see and remember well enough to distinguish between people.As I grew older, my pets grew larger and more complex: a handful of frogs and toads, a turtle that I named Claw, , one male and one female.Waking to find a troop of chameleon hatchlings crawling around their terrarium was one of the great joys of my childhood (although recognizing that the mother was eating her young was a great horror of my childhood…and then watching all of the little ones die despite a heroic effort to rescue them was a great tragedy of my childhood).


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