Essay About Mother Teresa Of Calcutta

Essay About Mother Teresa Of Calcutta-19
What if you need writer short essay on Mother Teresa and you do not know what to start with?Mother Teresa essays should be written on the basis of interesting information that you can find in numerous sources. But where did it come from and whom it belonged to is known not for everyone. Mother Teresa, according to Wikipedia, was born August 27, 1910 in Skopje (Macedonia) in a prosperous family of Albanian Catholics Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born.Its creator is the English sculptor Jonathan Wilder.

She always was interested in the work of the missioners and decided to devote her life to the God.

In 1931 she took her first religious vows as a nun. She would like to do something good for people and was glad to do all dirty work. Even she did not have the money for it, she believed, that the God would help her.

In the autumn 1950 she got the permission to create the Missionaries of Charity, but the government did not give money to her. The Mother Teresa and her sisters opened the hospitals for the ill people, schools for the children. The Pope was surprised because of her activity and gave her the present- the very rich car.

But she solved this car and for the money, she got for this present, she built the hospital for the people.

Our life is in our hands and we should not forget about it.

We should always think about the other people and do all possible to help them, when they need our help, because one day we will need this help too.

With their help, departments of the Order of Mercy started to work not only in India, but also in other countries of the world.

At the moment, the Order of Mercy has 400 offices in 111 countries and 700 charity homes in 120 countries.

Name of Mother Teresa became world famous and is used as a playful synonym for activities of responsive women seeking to help their fellowmen.

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