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The paper also looks for discovering the reality in the theories articulated by eminent psychologists while investigating into the methods of testing the level of intelligence in the people.

The study is also interested in examining the divergence in various tests and methods of intelligence testing.

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Intelligence Testing Intelligence tests are used to determine someone’s raw intelligence.

(Measurement of Intelligence) It is possible to effectively measure intelligence by means of intelligence tests.

Intelligence tests are invariably designed to evaluate traits, understanding and the candidate's grasp of any specific issue.

Then, there may be another set of fifty questions where the answers have to be correct but it is not necessary to answer all the questions.

Yet another set of fifty questions may attract deduction in scores for every wrong answer.

(The Strengths & Weaknesses of IQ Tests) IQ tests are used to gage one person’s results against the average results of total IQ test takers.

Intelligence is not easily defined as one person strong in math or musically gifted but poor in creative writing or able to recognize patterns and shapes could be weak in other subjects but still have a high IQ in their strong areas and lower in their week areas.


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