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Likewise, just good writing skills are no good if you are not able to think of innovative and relevant points for the given essay topic.This was all about the previously asked topics of letter writing and essay writing. Below given are the links where u can attempt free mock tests and evaluate your preparation.The topics are chosen based on UPSC previous year topics.

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The recent Indo-lran Gas Pipeline (proposed) agreement has already been showing its political and economic implication.

The most important is India’s move towards energy security which will be transformed into sustained economic growth.

The political and economic implications of the Indo-Iran Gas Pipeline 2.

The role played by the United States in promoting/hindering improved relations between India and Pakistan 3.

It requires imagination as well as good writing skill, than only you will be able to deliver a good essay.

Only imagining thoughts is not sufficient as you should be able to put those in words also.Caution: Fantasy essays are especially hard to write.Unlike a descriptive essay about a certain experience, fantasy essays do not have a clear structure to follow.On the part of Iran, it will open its markets to a satisfying neighbourhood which will integrate its economy with India’s one of the fastest growing world economy.As it passes through Pakistan, it will gain with charging transit and maintenance costs worth billions of dollars-good for Pakistan’s economy.Formal Letters: These letters are usually written in cases of professional relationship, where you need to address any government/ bank/ academic/ other field related official or any other dignitary.BOB Manipal PO Mains 2018 Exam 1) Write a letter to your cousin to congratulate her.The aim of letter writing is to examine how well the applicants are able to communicate themselves with the other to whom the letter is addressed.To excel in this section you should know the types of letters asked in previous year papers.Thus, the descriptive test will play a major role in clearing the phase - II examination with good marks.To boost your preparation, we are going to share some important expected letter and essay writing topics today, which might be asked in the descriptive paper.


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