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CTAs appear on so many pages throughout the site and are fundamental to the purchase path.Their goal was to drive more visitors to vendor landing pages to buy power tools. Despite how fantastic the Smart Wool and Blue Acorn teams thought the control product page looked, a more uniform design turned out to be better for conversions.Insound is an ecommerce website that sells audio equipment and vinyl records. The environment has a significant impact on what sort of information shoppers need and actions they’re willing to take.

They found that using repetitive image attributes enables better eye tracking when scanning a number of products. When it comes to product page layout, sometimes the tried and true design works best.

Making a product image bigger may lead to more clicks on the product, but that doesn’t always guarantee checkout.

Digital downloads made up 50% of sales for Sim City 5 in the first two weeks of launch.

Part of this success can be attributed to a simple A/B test the EA product team ran on the Sim City landing page.

Amazon, Zappos, e Bay, MR PORTER, JCPenney, ASOS, etc.) are doing.

The ecommerce key performance indicators you will want to optimize around include: average conversion rate, average order value (AOV) and revenue per visitor (RPV).

Bigstock is a stock photo website and subsidiary of Shutterstock.

They are always trying to suggest the most accurate search results to people searching for photos.

With the “Review Order” button, this page now has a 54% conversion rate and a much lower cart abandonment rate.

Soccerloco is a multi-channel retailer for soccer gear.


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