Economic Crisis Thesis Statement

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The non-probability sampling procedure, known as the snowball method, has been used to separate the usable information from the unusable information.The topic of this bachelor thesis is innovation and the sub topic has been designed at the moment enough knowledge and data was gathered to be useful for research.A result of this process is this research proposal, and can be seen as a start of the ongoing project.

The last research question will be discussed in chapter four.

In the case of innovative projects however, investors must be willing to take great risk even if there is no guaranty the innovation will be a breakthrough innovation (Crawford & Di Benedetto, 2008).

Financial crisis, which have become more frequent since 1970’s, are creating an unorthodox set of challenges for companies all over the world.

How companies can manage their innovation strategy in times of financial crisis is a result of this thesis formulated by the following problem statement: The problem statement covers several terms: innovation strategy, competitive advantage, and financial crisis.

Before answering the problem statement, following research question based on the three terms will be answered: Innovation strategy and competitive advantage This bachelor thesis is based on a literature study and thence it has an objective descriptive character.


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