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For all Thesis options, it is the student’s responsibility to find a topic for his/her thesis project.If the student is unable to secure a thesis project through his/her Co-op Employer, with employer approval provided by the company to CILE, the student can pursue one of the non-Co-op Thesis options.

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The student is required to complete and submit the Research Thesis Proposal which is available in the Thesis software tool, Kq Uest under "Documents".

Once the proposal form is completed, the student and Faculty Thesis Advisor will obtain an approval signature from the Department Head, the proposal is then considered approved.

It is an opportunity for the senior student to apply his/her academic and co-op experience to the investigation and experimentation of new ideas.

Usually the topic is provided by a Kettering faculty member in the student's degree department.

A topic idea for the Co-op Thesis project is determined by the employer and student; a project the company needs performed and a topic that is of value to the employer.

The student manages the project from start to finish and performs a majority of the work.

Please note: Students who have exhausted all efforts to identify a Thesis topic and require Kettering’s assistance to find one, are to complete a Directed Thesis Request Form.

The form can be provided by sending a request to [email protected]

The focus of this project may be a product, system, creation of a comprehensive business plan, results of investigation of a new idea, etc.

Please Note: Students facing challenges for completing their Thesis requirement, including students who have completed all other graduation requirements, are to contact the Center for Integrated Learning Experiences (CILE) for immediate advisement at [email protected]


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