Drug Alcohol Abuse Among Young People Essay

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Alcohol use is a major cause of preventable liver disease worldwide, and alcoholic liver disease is the main alcohol-related chronic medical illness.Millions of men and women of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly, engage in unhealthy drinking in the United States.The skin of a patient with alcoholic cirrhosis can feature cherry angiomas, palmar erythema and — in acute liver failure — jaundice and ascites.

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Whether we talk of increased marijuana consumption or growing cases of alcohol abuse, substance abuse among teenagers and young adults poses a serious challenge to our society.

Many studies and surveys have found that a large percentage of people who abuse drugs and alcohol are teens still in high school.

Teenagers who abuse drugs are also more likely to steal and get into physical fights.

Teenagers and young adults who abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to indulge in risky sexual behavior.

Some of the ways drugs and alcohol abuse affect the life of a teenager or young adult can include the following…Drug abuse can negatively affect the memory of teenagers.

This may lead to poor academic performance and difficulty memorizing things.Evidence has shown that young people who abuse drugs are less likely to use protection during sex and are more likely to have sex with strangers.This considerably increases the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and teen pregnancy.The problem may deteriorate as a person grows older.During the teenage years, the brain sheds gray matter to work more efficiently. It’s been found that teenagers who abuse drugs are likely to suffer from various social problems.Prolonged use leads to cirrhosis and liver failure.With cirrhosis, patients develop an inability to process hormones and toxins.Parents may not always like what their kids are doing, but they should accept that problems will arise at some.Being open and honest with each other might resolve the dangerous problems.The DSM-5 combined those two disorders into alcohol use disorder with sub-classifications of severity. There is no "alcoholism" diagnosis in medical care.Alcohol misuse is a term used by United States Preventive Services Task Force to describe a spectrum of drinking behaviors that encompass risky drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependence (similar meaning to alcohol use disorder but not a term used in DSM).


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