Distribution Channel Of Maruti Suzuki Essays

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These features must be obtained from the strategy through connecting strategic options to production and consumer processes.

Semi-autonomous units are constructed in such a way that there would be minimal daily coordination.

Maruti has a total of 29 divisions operating under one Divisional Head who is serving as Functional post in the structure.

The structure further reveals that within these divisions are 132 departments under stewardship of one departmental head. This structure is designed on the same pattern as that of Japanese Suzuki Motor Company which is Maruti's partner.

This is possible because information will go through few hierarchy levels before getting to intended recipient.

There are only six functional levels in which employees can be divided in to.It is a subsidiary company of Suzuki Motor Corporation which is one of the global leaders in automobile manufacturing and distribution.Maruti was chosen due to its readily available information and global market share.It implies then that every employee must fall in either of the following level: Division Manager, department Manager, Section Manager, Executives, Supervisors or Workers and Technicians.However, hierarchically, these are divided into different levels, like, Technicians are divided in 7 levels (L-1 to L-7), Supervisors in 3 levels (L-8 to L-10), Executives and Managers in 4 levels (L-11 to L-14).Organizational Structure Maruti is characterized by functional organizational structure having Horizontal linkages.Based on automotive engineering operations, the firm's organizational structure has several divisions.Processes are very fundamental to every organizational structure model.For example, information and decision process are available in almost all subsections of the entire structure.This is only possible if management take upon itself to define units objectives geared towards sustainable business control.Global manufacturing organizations are experiencing several challenges resulting from fluctuations in demand profiles, irregular supply profiles and high customer's expectations.


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