Dissertation On Banked Blood

Received Date: May 25, 2017; Accepted Date: June 03, 2017; Published Date: June 10, 2017 Citation: Giriyan SS, Chethana HD, Sindhushree N, Agarwal A, Nirala NK, et al.

(2017) Study of Utilization of Blood and Blood Components in a Tertiary Care Hospital. doi: 10.4172/2165-7831.1000169 Copyright: © 2017 Giriyan SS, et al.

Blood component therapy has gained much of the interest in recent years because of its merits over whole blood transfusion like, it reduces volume overload on patient and has greater shelf life, better patient management [7].

Component therapy was introduced between 19s [7] to maximize the benefits of all components present in the whole blood [8-16].

This included 6742 (50.4%) units of whole blood, 2695(20.1%) packed red cells and 2524 (18.9%) units of fresh frozen plasma and 1417 (10.6%) units of platelet concentrates.

Among collected blood units, 12,555 units were utilized.

Conclusion: Formulation of strict guidelines for transfusion practices will improve the appropriate use of precious resource.

Periodic evaluation of utilization pattern, demand for different blood products also helps to maintain the blood stock. Until now there is no effective substitute for blood.

Second most common diagnosis was gynaecological disorders which used 2575 (20.5%) units of blood.

Least utilization 112 (0.9%) was by renal disorders (Table 2).


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