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There is a degree of mystery and uncertainty about just what goes on behind the studio door.Some producers are seen as Svengali-like figures manipulating artists into mass consumer product.Producers are sometimes seen as mere technicians whose job is simply to set up a few microphones and press the record button.

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The fork-tongued dragon: how and why did The Society for the Utilisation of the Welsh Language contribute to a bilingual education policy in the late nineteenth century?

A study of the concepts of language agency and linguistic capital in the Victorian era.'Conjurations, Enchantments and Witchcrafts': To what extent was the execution of Gwen ferch Ellis (1594) a turning point in the Welsh perception of common magic?

(2007) Thesis, Developing an inclusional pedagogy of the unique: How do I clarify, live and explain my educational influences in my learning as I pedagogise my healing nurse curriculum in a Japanese University?

Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition.

Artists are special—they come with an inspiration, and a talent, but also with a variety of complications, and in many ways a recording studio can seem the least likely place for creative expression and for an affective performance to happen.

The task of the record producer is to engage with these artists and their songs and turn these potentials into form through the technology of the recording studio.Helen O' Connor's Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology - From Unearthing Values To Building Educational Foundations: How The Values Of Education Swanage Were Influential In Founding The Swanage School. Delysia Timm's Doctor of Technology: Education (2012) Thesis, Towards The Biochemical Nature Of Learning And Its Implication For Learning, Teaching And Assessment: A Study Through Literature And Experiences Of Learners And Educators. (2011) Thesis, My Emergent African Great Story 'Living I' as naturally including neighbourhood, embodying an audacious Valuing Social Living Pedagogy and imagining the universe luminously, as an energetic inclusion of darkness throughout light and light in darkness. Creating the space for intergenerational student-led research. The author reports his structured recollection of five recordings, with three different artists, that all achieved substantial commercial success.The processes are considered from the author’s perspective as the record producer, and from inception of the project to completion of the recorded work. Do the actions reported conform to the template of nexus?A record producer must also engage with the commercial expectations of the interests that underwrite a recording.This dissertation considers three fields of interest in the recording process: the performer and the song; the technology of the recording context; and the commercial ambitions of the record company—and positions the record producer as a nexus at the interface of all three. Dissertation, My Living Educational Theory Grounded In My Life: How can I enable my communication through correspondence to be seen as educational and worthy of presentation in its original form? An interdisciplinary study of network organization in biological and human social systems. Karen's thesis is included here not because Karen created her living theory, but because of the significance of her ideas on flow-form networks for the generation of living theories) James Edgerton's (2007) MSc Thesis, Catching a Glimpse of Inspiration: how my research journey is making a different for my management practice. This dissertation proposes that in all recordings the function of producer/nexus is present and necessary—it exists in the interaction of the artistry and the technology.The art of record production is to engage with these artists and the songs they bring and turn these potentials into form. These databases contain citations from different subsets of available publications and different time periods and thus the citation count from each is usually different.


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