Dhcp Not Assigning Ip Address

Dhcp Not Assigning Ip Address-59
I can see the same address from my desktop on Luci’s status page in the Omnia, so I’m pretty sure that the modem assigns address to the Omnia. As mentioned above the WAN LED on the Omnia blinks constantly as does the LED at the modem’s Ethernet port. If I disconnect the Omnia from the modem and use the same cable to connect my desktop directly to the modem I also have access to the internet, i.e. I also tried swapping ports and cables as well as reboots, but without success.From my desktop I cannot access any other web page or ping, from my laptop yes. Is there perhaps a firewall on the modem blocking Omnia from accessing the inet?

Is there a better way to do it than modifying /etc/network/interfaces?

Twice on the network will cause trouble and might be the culprit here.

Oke, now that we know the problem for sure is not with the moden-router, but rather with the Omnia. Because at the moment the ipaddress as how i have understood of your moden-router is

Can you do a With help of DHCP it distributes ip-addresses in the range 192.168.1.x.

Switches configured with dynamic ARP send packets randomly to either eth0 ( or eth1 (, not both.

When eth0 receives these packets from the switch destined for eth1, eth0 drops the packets. These switches drop all packets received from eth1 since this NIC does not have the default gateway and is not present in the static ARP table of the gateway.

in which case then change the router’s lan subnet to something and see if the client is getting inet connected too.

changing the router’s subnet may take a little moment, best to disconnect any client and reconnect say after a minute in order to obtain a fresh lease from the router.

Companies with advanced network configurations can configure multiple IP addresses on the appliance’s ethernet ports.

Using multiple ports can enhance security or enable connections over non-standard networks.


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