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Bush voted to keep America out of foreign entanglements in 2000; Donald Trump campaigned as (inter alia) a champion of the working man who would restore America’s infrastructure.The First Amendment grants citizens freedom of speech and religion, but those rights are extended only as far as is accepted by agents of the three branches of government.They are all we have.' " -Margaret Holt "Democracy means that 'We, the People' includes EVERYONE (regardless of race, class, religion, education, sexual orientation, gender, ability, etc.), & everyone has an equal chance to participate in ALL levels of our society.

Brooks "To me democracy means we're in this together & we share responsibility for the outcomes of govt."[email protected] (on Twitter) "Democracy is the embracing of independence to actively engage in the ever-changing society of which I live to protect its existence and to ensure an appreciation with grace for all those that fought and continue to fight for its survival." -Angela Keyes "Today is for red and white and blue, but what does democracy mean to you?

Freedom to live in safety and peace, and to seek that for others so all will increase.

Communication is a skill, just like music, athletics or academics, a skill that must be practiced, honed and advanced.

The quality of our communication helps our relationships, our communities and our society.

America is a Republic because a democracy doesn't work any more than totalitarianism, marxism, socialism or any other -ism.

And America will stay a Republic, 'if the people can keep it that way through the election process.'" -R.

It means that government does not have any authority to take any individual right away or change it in any way.

Our individual rights are God-given rights to all and no human can take those away.

We can have a role in influencing decisions that affect us on a regular basis – not just when we vote.

People across the country are coming together to share their ideas and opinions with others and to work together to create better communities on a wide range of issues such as education, food security, racial equity, community-police relations, and building prosperity.


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