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Using the show dialogue, you can create a visualization to see which characters had the most lines. You might feel like you need to shoot for the moon and put together some technically-astounding machine learning project in order to impress a hiring team.If you have a strong background in statistics and programming and a lot of time — more power to you.(It’s also just a fantastic website to browse.) Okay, so to summarize: start by thinking about a topic that you’re interested in.

Before getting into data science, I came from an economics research background — so I knew a ton about where to find and how to analyze U. I was able to explain this project during one of my interviews because the panel was impressed by the visualizations I constructed…Moral of the story: companies are impressed when you have a portfolio of projects.

And personal projects give you the chance to discuss work that you know a lot about and are passionate about. comedy fan; one of my favorite shows of all time is .

We all know the old catch-22 — you need a job to get job experience and job experience to get a job. You can use personal data science projects to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers — especially for landing your first data science job. It’s important to pick a project you can showcase effectively.

And it’s just as important to know how to include it in your resume or CV.

However, a project like this is in no way necessary for getting hired as a data scientist.

This may be a subject for another blog post, but in my experience, aspiring data scientists seem to immediately jump to fancy machine learning or deep learning tutorials — and forget about learning the basics and honing their problem solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

Once you’ve decided on a dataset you’d like to explore, the next step is actually figuring out what questions to answer and what to analyze.

If you recall what I said earlier: the best data science personal projects are eye-catching and skimmable.

If you’d like to go for an in-depth machine learning project — that’s great.

But if you don’t, rest assured that simply answering an interesting and insightful question with your dataset is more than enough.


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