Daft Punk Homework Discovery

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Disco was much more, and much better than all that.

Disco was too great and too much fun to be gone forever. I just hope it will be in our own lifetimes.” Little did Mr.

In 1998, director Whit Stillman premiered , a film set in 1980s New York City amidst the danceable but polarizing genre’s dying breaths.

In the film’s final moments, one of the characters presciently and passionately contends that disco would return despite its then overwhelmingly diminished status, stating: “Those who didn’t understand will never understand.

This collection is less to do with the sounds of a band’s formative years, and more to do with children listen to music.

Usual conventions were unlearned and new avenues were opened.

Bangalter explained that the process of recording had been as visual as it was sonic, and that animation fans would enjoy the combination of elements in a movie that detailed the kidnapping of an extraterrestrial band.

The film is a treat to behold, and remains an enormously fun, hallucinatory experience.

This is the arena of voyage and discovery, and so any criticism of nebulous genre definition speaks volumes of the critic’s comfort zone, and not the focus of the band.

Since the release of , Daft Punk have done nothing but take increasing steps to secure themselves as world-leaders.


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