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Archimedes Laboratory Puzzles and Mental Activities. Problem Solving: Definition, Terminology, and Patterns A concise, informative essay. Big 6 Model Information and online resources for using this strategy.The Problem Site The Use of "Substitution" As A Creative Thinking Tool A lesson plan for grades 1-6.Puzzle Solving 101: Lesson 9: Lateral Thinking Creative Drama Lesson Plans Many lesson plans sorted by age level.

Book Sorting: Using Observation and Comprehension to Categorize Books A primary-grade lesson plan that addresses critical-thinking skills, observation and categorization processes, as well as reading comprehension and writing skills, while at the same time providing teachers with a vast array of diagnostics through observation of student interaction and conversation. Music: Critiquing Films Using Sight and Sound Critical Thinking Value Rubric See also Higher-Order Thinking Rubric.

Developing Students' Critical Thinking Skills Through Whole-Class Dialogue, Analyzing Character Development in Three Short Stories about Women and Lights, Camera, Action . Resources and Downloads for Teaching Critical Thinking Tools, rubrics and lesson plans from Edutopia.

Create a New Ammendment A middle grade or high school lesson plan from Education World in which students demonstrate critical thinking and creative thinking skills in developing a new amendment to the Constitution.

Writing Up a Spanish Storm: Using Creative Thinking for Creative Writing Ideas for an advanced high school Spanish unit. Color Works Clasroom art projects that allow students to express their creativity.

Problem Solving Lesson Plan Index Fourteen lessons for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Lesson ideas from Pinterest.

Lesson Plans for a Creative Writing Course Lesson plans for a thirteen-week course!

Creativity Activities Ideas for exploring fluency, flexibility, elaboration, redefinition, and originality.

Can they make predictions about the book based on its title and cover and what they already know about the war?

Let students know that after reading the book, they're going to be asked a question that will take the whole class to answer-and everyone's answer could be different.


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