Critical Thinking Challenge

Critical Thinking Challenge-86
Students then rank order the most significant contributors to the event.

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The partners then share their recommendations and justifications with the class.

In this critical challenge, students list and discuss key events in Alberta at the turn of the century, and their impact on the economic, cultural and social development of the people and places at the time.

In this two-part critical challenge, students work in groups to first select up to four daily practices that are unique to a selected community or culture.

Students then use criteria to create an effective presentation that helps others in the class appreciate how these practices contribute to the quality of life of the community or culture.

Students then write a letter of appreciation to an appropriate cultural organization that describes the especially notable contributions of one of these groups.

In this two-part critical challenge, students first examine a collection of artifacts from a variety of communities to determine the story they tell about the life of early Albertans.Students then discuss who should own rare fossils and sacred objects found in the ground, considering what would be fair to everyone, as well as the importance of the object to various groups.In this two-part critical challenge, students first research an assigned region of Alberta to decide on the top three to five hot spots that best represent the heritage and identity of the region.Based on this historical context, students then create and present a persuasive letter or oral statement, from the perspective of an assigned group, to convince others that Alberta should or should not join Confederation.In this two-part critical challenge, students use criteria to determine if the Royal Tyrrell Museum was appropriately named after Joseph Tyrrell, in light of the significance of Alberta's fossil heritage and the work done by the museum.In this two-part critical challenge, students assess the extent to which contemporary alternatives to liberalism provide challenges to liberalist principles and values.Students then participate in a panel discussion to advocate for an assigned alternative to liberalism.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.In this two-part critical challenge, students research and create a profile of an assigned event and character in Alberta's history.Students then use the researched information to prepare and present a story of the event and its modern day legacy as part of the class Pageant of Alberta.


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